Specialists in        intensive horticulture.


We are specialized in design and installation of equipment that optimize production performance in different agro systems. The comprehensive projects for planting, transplanting, maturing and harvesting prove our successes.

100 years of experience

We are not new in this world.
Our origins came from a workshop – hardware store
created more than 100 years ago by Jaume Sabater i Cruset who built tools and machines.


The acquired experience has allowed us to invest and to advance successfully, we are pioneers in the impulse of the new market trends, such as the introduction of starter potatoes, swirling watering can, informatics applications in the fertilizer programming, as well as climate control equipment in greenhouses.

Sabater Today

Today, with a wide team of professionals in the different centres and distributors, we are a team of specialized professionals who work to maintain the prestige of these decades. We believe and we distinguish ourselves by the proximity, knowledge and commitment.

The Future

Our competitive challenge is based on maintaining our way of doing, being flexible and capable of innovating work processes that revitalize our values for the next generations. As proof of this; we are implementing quality management systems under the criteria established in the ISO 9001: 2000 standard in the manufacturing and marketing development processes.

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